Perfect decoration hallway ideas

Perfect decoration hallway ideas


The entry hallway is usually the most overlooked room in the house. But with clever ideas, it’s possible to transform your hallway into a welcoming space with storage furniture and elegant decorating touches.

Although it’s a place where we usually don’t spend more than five minutes, the hallway shouldn’t be devoid of decoration. On the contrary! Because it is the entryway, it should be decorated and organized to create the right impact on your visitors. So, here are some decoration hallway ideas.

Moreover, you can transform the room into the ideal division to store sneakers, slippers, or coats always lying around the house.

In today’s blog post, we will explore some decorating tips to turn your hallway into a functional and stylish place.

How to decorate small hallways

Decorating smaller spaces is always a challenge. There’s always the fear of using too much furniture or going wrong with the accessories.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring you some tips for smaller hallways.

Functional storage

A clean and organized space has a different harmony. So, start by arranging all the scattered items in your hallway. The easiest way to do this is by using furniture with functional storage.

You can think of solutions like a bench with built-in storage, an entryway dresser with a drawer… You can also opt for a custom-made piece of furniture.

When it comes to furniture, you can take advantage of vertical space. Raise the cabinets and hang them on the wall. This little trick allows you to see more of the floor, giving you the feeling of a bigger space.

If you don’t have enough space to put furniture, take advantage of the wall space to play with hooks or hangers. These can also be an excellent solution for leaving items such as coats or umbrellas at the door.

Colors and wallpapers

A neutral color scheme may be the right choice for a small room. But the decor doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

Play with colors. Hang pictures full of color, decorate with flowers (natural or artificial), or take risks with decorative elements.

The opposite is also possible. That is, take a risk and apply a bold wallpaper, combining it with more sober and neutral pieces or ornaments in order not to overload the space.

Botanical, textured, or striped patterns are always good options when decorating an entrance hallway.

Depending on the size of the space, you can place the wallpaper on a single wall or apply it to the entire room.

Discover more tips on how to use wallpaper to decorate your home on our blog.

Expanding the space with lights and mirrors

The optical illusion is fabulous, especially when you want to play with the depth or dimensions of the space.

Mirrors are great for changing perspective and giving the feeling that the space is larger. In addition, they reflect light, whether natural or artificial. It is one of the decoration ideas that never go out of fashion, and it’s perfect for small entrance hallways.

There are different shapes, forms, and materials. You can easily find the perfect mirror for your decoration. Learn more about the advantages of using mirrors for decoration in the article dedicated to the theme.

As for lighting, it plays an essential role in a narrow corridor. Make sure that the space is lit in all the right places. In a small, narrow hallway, wall lights are perfect for adding more ambient lighting and opening up the room.

Decorating your home’s hallway doesn’t have to be a headache. Just apply a few tricks to enlarge the space and make it functional.

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