Use wallpaper in your home decoration

Use wallpaper in your home decoration


Give your home a new look using wallpaper. Combine your decoration with colors, textures, and patterns and customize every corner of the house.

Wallpaper is back again, and it’s being frequently used as a solution to renew a home without changing the decoration. So, today we bring you some ideas to give a new life to your rooms. Get inspired.

You can use wallpaper in the room, living room, even in the bathroom. The solutions are endless, and because of that, we know that choosing wallpaper can be daunting. But don’t worry because we have the right tips to guide you when choosing. The trick is to keep the space harmonious.

Choosing the wallpaper

First, start by comparing several samples because you may fall in love with a color or pattern that may turn out to be the least right for the room you want to decorate.

Secondly, when choosing a patterned wallpaper, you have to consider the scale, the room decoration, and the location in the house where you want to place it. The wallpaper should tie in with existing decorative elements to maintain the balance of the room’s design.

Where to use wallpaper

Wallpaper can be one fantastic way to give any room in the house a different glow. So, you can use wallpaper to decorate an entire wall or add more personality to a nook of the house.

In a home, the most common is to use wallpaper in the decoration of the bedroom or the living room. However, nowadays, this wallcovering already comes in different materials. So, now you can use it in the kitchen or bathroom, including inside the shower cabin.

The first room we encounter when we open the door is the entryway. So why not start there? First impressions are everything, people say. That is why you should take advantage of this room to define the house’s personality and surprise your guests with an explosion of originality. Here you can risk and use wallpaper with a prominent pattern or a striking color.

Living room and bedroom

The living room is a place to relax at the end of a day’s work, but it’s also a place for gathering and receiving guests.

With this in mind, choose a wallpaper for the living room that is versatile but also welcoming. For example, try using a wallpaper with a sober medium-size pattern that is not tiresome. Another option is to use textured wallpaper. A covering that imitates fabric, for example, can turn a room into a more welcoming and comfortable place.

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom might seem easy. But remember that this is a place for you and your family to rest, so try avoiding garish colors or repetitive patterns.

Consider a darker color and some texture. This option will give you a feeling of depth and comfort.

In the children’s bedroom, try to create a more cheerful environment. Wallpapers with pastel colors are great to give a touch of color without overloading the environment.

Bathroom and kitchen

At first sight, these may seem like spaces where it is unthinkable to use wallpaper. But the truth is that there are wallpapers in various materials and for all rooms.

For the bathroom, for example, you should use vinyl wallpaper. Because it has a water-resistant coating, it is the most suitable for a space with high humidity. This way, you have no excuse to leave the bathroom out of your decoration.

Turn a tedious space in your home into a room with a great personality, using statement wallpaper as the central piece of your decoration. For example, you can turn this room into a “zen” temple or a surprising place with a strong impact.

One space that cannot escape from wallpaper is the kitchen. Likewise, here you should also choose a water-resistant material.

Create a visual point that distracts the most attentive from the chaos of dishes or appliances that do not always fit in the cabinets. Using wallpaper above the sink can be an excellent idea to create some impact. As for the themes, they can be diverse. Opt for wallpaper with fruits or flowers if you want to create a more romantic decoration in your home kitchen.

As you can see, decorating with wallpaper can be an excellent alternative to changing the entire interior design. The possibilities are endless, and you only need to let your imagination fly. Above all, have fun when decorating your home and check out the available apartments on our website. They can be your new canvas to try out this decoration technique.

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