Feng Shui: best colors for your living room

Feng Shui: best colors for your living room

You’ve bet on the best decorating tips, but the rooms are still lacking some harmony? Maybe, your home needs some Feng Shui energy! 

With Feng Shui, a mindfulness-based practice that advocates for energy, you can improve your living space and the influence your home has on your well-being. 

Feng Shui is particularly effective when applied to your home.

And this is because the house is like a representation of your stability and harmony as a person.

In Feng Shui, each room has a different meaning and association.

According to the rooms’ use, location, and energy connections, Feng Shui suggests the best different colors, arrangements, and materials make the environment healthy.

Feng Shui in the living room

The living room is fundamental in any home.

This space tends to be one of the rooms where we spend the most time as a family.

Moreover, it is a space for relaxation and entertainment.

Not to mention being a space where friends, family, and guests frequently gather.

It is, therefore, a space where you should apply this practice that originated in ancient China.

Feng Shui is commanded by five elements of nature: earth, metal, fire, wood, and water.

Não há necessidade de paredes pintadas com cores garridas. Com tons simples e ideias de decoração delicadas, é fácil criar uma casa de banho com um ambiente sereno.

Feng Shui: best colors

More than decoration, color is a fundamental element in the practice of Feng Shui. And this is because colors can change the vital energy of your home.


Earth tones such as brown, yellow, terracotta, or moss green allow for a deep connection with nature.

Choosing these tones for your living room will create a stable, cozy, and relaxing environment.


Whites, grays, and metallics are the perfect colors to illustrate metal as an element.

Light is one of the fundamental parts of Feng Shui.

Therefore, with metallic pieces or complements, you will enhance the lighting in your living room.


Fire is an element with strength and expression. It is represented by reds or oranges tons and has a connection to strong energies.

Thus, in your decoration, you should introduce elements with this color to represent inspiration and strength as an individual.


Inevitably, wood is an element of nature. Therefore, is linked to the colors green, brown, or terracotta.

Also, blue and teal appear associated with this element that represents the qualities of growth, vitality, and healing.

Thus, this element is fundamental for bringing healing or uplifting energies into your living room.


Although it may seem strange, the element of water is related to black, gray, and charcoal..

Feng Shui connects the water element with wisdom and social relationships. Watercolors symbolize rest, calm, and wholeness.

They are excellent colors to use in the living room, as they can be used to deepen sleep, ease aggression, and smooth out friction..

Take advantage of these tips and improve the energy of your home. Create a balanced and transforming environment.

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