2022 living room trends – the best styling tips

2022 living room trends – the best styling tips

After two years of home office, home school, and quarantines it’s legit that you feel a little tired of your living room decoration and arrangement. So, let’s give 2022 a spin and bring the newest trend to your living room.

More and more, our houses have to be multifaceted. The times are different, and the need for hybrid rooms is real because of the pandemic. 

With this post, we bring some of the best tips to create a connection with your house. Here are some styling tips to rethink your home, whether you only want a new touch of color or redecorate the whole space. 

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Living room with workspace

With the home office, emerged the necessity to adapt living rooms to workspaces. So, in 2022, create a multifaceted living room that adapts to the different needs of your life. 

The best way of doing that is by creating rest and work areas that combine and have specified functions. Don’t separate the areas with permanent dividers. Instead, use the sofa and rugs to define the separation. 

Patterns and Colors

2022 is full of color and bold patterns. Don’t be afraid of bringing some energy into the living room with bold choices of colors. 

Greens and earth tones are great to decor with nature vibes. You can choose to combine rugs and cushions with nature patterns like leaves or animal prints. 

You can also choose the bold color or patterns for the couch and smooth it with neutral colors in the cushions. 

A bold move is to paint the walls with daring color and then decorate the room with more smooth tones. Browns, yellows, and greens are the prominent trends for 2022. 

Pantone decors

Don’t be afraid of using trendy colors in your living room decor. The earth tones are a trend, but there are a lot of colors in the palette. 

2022 is the year for bold choices. If you are a person of exuberant colors, you can always decorate your living room with Pantone color of the year, Very Peri. Follow the link to find some combinations of colors for your designs. 

Bring tradition back

The traditional details in decor designs are coming back again. Once we now spend more time inside, and apart from the ones we love, antique objects can provide the room a sense of comfort, timelessness, or nostalgia. 

Mix and match antique pieces, patterns, and wood to bring a sense of history to the room. Take advantage of that forgotten leather sofa or the mirrors with heavy frames to create a traditional but contemporaneous home decor.  

Give your living room decor a twist and create peaceful, functional, or comfort designs. It all depends on what you want your 2022 decor to look like. 

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