Elegant and easy-to-make Easter decorations

Elegant and easy-to-make Easter decorations

Easter is just around the corner. As is the tradition in many homes, rooms are filled with flowery, pastel decorations to celebrate the season and the arrival of spring. Learn some elegant and easy-to-make Easter decorations and beautify your home to welcome family and friends!

For the kids, Easter means chocolate eggs and lots of fun. But this date is much more than that.

It’s time to receive guests, make surprising and original table decorations, and give a special touch to the house.

In this article, you find a set of inspiring and easy-to-do ideas to surprise your guests next weekend.

Light and soft tones

One of the first steps to take in any decoration is to select the color palette. Soft, light tones are great for adding elegance and delicacy and go perfectly with Easter and spring.

Use more pastel and lighter tones to create the base of your decor and combine them with colorful elements. Vibrant colors like green and orange are excellent for bringing to mind the nature element.

But you can also combine them with pink, which characterizes so many colors, and gold, for a touch of class.

Natural elements

Natural elements with wood or flowers are also a regular presence in decorations this holiday season.

If you have a solid wood table, leave the tablecloth aside and use it to create a rustic, country-inspired decoration.

Use tree branches with flowers and mosses to create marvelous centerpieces.

With few decorative elements, you will achieve a harmonious and nature-centered decoration.

Of course, eggs cannot be missing from this Easter decoration. If you don’t have the skill to make centerpieces, make it simple.

Place the branches in a vase. With a raffia ribbon, burlap rope, or fishing line, hang hand-painted eggs in soft tones.

Eggs in decoration

Unsurprisingly, Easter is also a time for sweets. From the fantastic cakes and desserts, there are always eggshells left over.

But there is no reason to throw them away. You can make brilliant decorative elements out of them.

Create personalized place markers. Divide the eggshell into two. Wrap each half of the egg with a ribbon with the name of each of the guests.

You can also paint the eggshells white and place small garlands on them.

Statice, a flower that looks like paper, is excellent for this type of arrangement because it is sturdy and does not require water.

Eggshells can be very versatile. Use them to decorate desserts, for example. On a white cake, combine flowers with eggs to create an original topper alluding to the holiday season.

As you have seen, several decorative solutions are easy to put into practice, but they maintain elegance and harmony.

Give wings to your imagination and surprise your guests next weekend!

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