Trend colors to use in 2022

Trend colors to use in 2022

There are many ways to show your personality. And choosing the colors to decorate your house can be one of them. Whether you are a very down-to-earth person, connected with nature, or a bubbly person always surrendered with positivity, there is a color for you! In this article, we explore the 2022 trend colors for interior design.

Start by exploring the Pantone color of the year. Every color invokes a feeling. Colors have the power to stimulate our brain and change the way we feel in certain situations. Our house is a safe haven and a comfort zone. So, you paint it to make it feel like the most pleasant place.

Maybe to escape from the chaos of the pandemic, or just because this is going to be a year to connect to the earth, sustainability and nature, 2022 colors trends fluctuate between soothing, earthy, or neutral tones. 

Nature tons

Green is a color intrinsically connected to the feeling of balance, hope, nature, and peace. Sage, avocado, olive, and fern are a few of the colors that we will see in many interior designs through 2022.

It is a perfect color to bond warm and cold colors. So, this is going to be the “50 shades of green” year. You can go for a color block room or paint only one of the walls.


The best way to bring the feeling of comfort and coziness to a room is by using brown. There is the warm chocolate brown, the comfy caramel, sophisticated tan browns, and, of course, the wood tones.

Brown is a warm, earthy tone that conveys comfort and intimacy. They are also earthy colors and provide comfortable and authentic environments. They occupy a place in the neutral palette and pair well with the popular shades of green, oranges, and desert tones.


If you want to give your home the feeling of dynamism, stimulation, comfort, and happiness, then yellow is the color! Yellow tones can stimulate concentration and intellect because they are associated with optimism, confidence, and energy. 

It’s a great color to use in the kitchen or the living room and perfect for rooms with plenty of natural light.


Blues are perfect to give a room the feeling of calm, serenity, and tranquility. Despite being a cold color, they are perfect for bedrooms. Combine soft and light shades of blue with neutral tones to create revitalizing areas.

2022 will still be the year of a home office. Blues are a great color to use in workspaces. This color has the power to increase productivity, confidence, and seriousness.


Last but not least, there are the reds! Everybody needs a beat of fun in their lives. Red tones can be rich, warm, and vibrant. The best way to bring passion to a home division! They also convey the sensation of confidence and seduction.

Shades of red will take over 2022. Comfy and vintage tones of red can transform your house into the realm of confidence and boldness!

This year invest in you and your home. Choose the best color for each room and, above all, have fun!

There are plenty of tools that can help you choose the right color. You can try the Robbialac simulator or CIN’s mobile app.

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