What to do in Matosinhos at the end of summer

The first image one can imagine, once summer ends, is that cold and rainy days are approaching. On the other hand, in recent years, we have seen that climate issues are not linear as we might think. Hot weather will continue. So, if you still haven’t enjoyed it as you intended, face the next few days the best way.

Sea bathing
The water temperature is not always inviting for bathing in the north of Portugal. However, the temperature of the sea, in Matosinhos Sul, can reach 22 ºC these days.

Temperatures will remain high in the region, staying close to 30 ºC and with little wind. It’s a great opportunity to enhance your skin tone.

Read a book
There is no crowd at the beaches. Consequently, they are less noisy. It’s an excellent opportunity to read a book, with the sound of the waves breaking gently on the sand.

Do exercise
The swell will be low in the next few days, which doesn’t invalidate the practice of water sports. You can also choose to run on the sand or organize a group game with friends.

Matosinhos Sul has the best conditions for those that seek leisure by the sea. Enjoy the next few days, certainly will not be the last hot days of the year.

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