The best summer herbs to grow indoors

Who doesn’t like fresh herbs in summer? Rosemary for grilling, coriander for stews, or mint for teas and freshly drinks. If you are a cooking enthusiast, today’s article is for you. Learn which herbs you can and should have at home!

The season of barbecues and dinner parties with friends and family is officially open.

And there’s nothing better than having the freshest herbs on hand to flavor the summer.

Be it at the kitchen window, on the balcony, or terrace. It is easy to have aromatic herbs at home.

The plants only need water, light, and good soil. Let’s see how to do it!

It is also possible to create a home garden. See how to do it in our article!

Tips for growing herbs

Herbs will grow almost anywhere. Therefore, they are ideal to have in small spaces.

You can grow them in small pots, flowerbeds, or flower holders. In addition, many herbs coexist well with other species.

Just be careful because some species need more water than others. Also, you should pay attention to the faster-growing process.

You should keep fast-growing species in a separate pot.

Herbs for the summer

The list of herbs you can use in your herb garden is enormous.

In today’s article, we have selected some of our favorite herbs and put together some tips to help you use the herbs in your everyday life.


Basil is perfect for summer. Besides being very versatile, it can be used fresh or dried.

Typical in Italian cuisine, basil should be planted in places at least 30 centimeters deep.

It is ideal to accompany fresh cheeses, make a delicious tomato sauce, or put on pizzas.


Typical of the Mediterranean, Rosemary can be grown year-round in well-ventilated places with direct light during a good part of the day.

This aromatic herb is excellent for potatoes, meats, or fish dishes.


Most commonly used in the south, coriander is a herb rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

It is not a consensual herb, and you either love it or hate it. It is because coriander has an aroma and flavor all its own.

It’s a perfect aromatic for fish stews or those clams “à bulhão pato” perfect for a hot, beachy evening.


Oregano is a common herb used in many different dishes.

The leaves can be used fresh, but dry oregano is more common.

They are perfect to have in apartments or small balconies. All it takes is sun, mild temperatures, and nutritious soil.


Mint is an aromatic herb with a refreshing, citrusy aroma and flavor.

Mint is ideal because it only takes 20 days to harvest the leaves.

It is a perfect herb to make refreshing drinks, juices, smoothies, or teas. In cooking, it usually accompanies lamb meat.

They are often used for digestive health and to treat poor digestion, vomiting, or nausea.

Having an aromatic corner at home can be an interesting and relaxing activity.

Prepare your flowerbed for the summer and plant the best aromatic herbs to give flavor to the warm days.

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