Romantic decoration: from the bedroom to the entire house

With the arrival of spring comes the desire to free the house from that wintry, warm look. Nothing better than a romantic decoration to give the house a new look. Use and abuse floral patterns, pastel shades, and furniture in natural tones to bring a new harmony to your home!

Romanticism should not be exclusive to Valentine’s Day. A romantic decoration is much more than rose petals and candles scattered around the house.

It is a design with powerful connections to natural elements and organic materials. It conveys serenity and elegance while making rooms comfortable and cozy.

Soft colors and neutral tones

Soft colors and neutral tones are central elements of any romantic decor. The soft colors, in pastel shades, give rooms delicacy and harmony.

Moreover, they are timeless colors with a substantial range of combinations.

Neutral tones are ideal for bringing a sense of comfort and coziness to any room.

In a match with sunlight or artificial light, the color can vary. It can become warmer with daylight and deeper with artificial lighting.

These tons are the perfect option for a romantic decoration of warm days and cool nights.

Textures and patterns

The right textures and patterns are essential in a romantic decor. Don’t be afraid to combine fabric textures.

In a romantic decoration, floral or vegetation patterns cannot be missing. And nowadays there are fabrics for all tastes.

You can go for a more feminine or a more neutral romantic style. Remember to make the house convey the energy of all the family.

Also, you should always pay attention to the combination of patterns. Don’t mix patterns too expressively. If you do so, you can make the space visually confusing.

If you don’t want a considerable or permanent change, you can only change the bedspreads, the rugs, or the cushions on the sofa and the bed.

With just a few changes, you can achieve a more romantic décor.

Flowers and plants

This style intrinsically links to nature. Therefore, it is essential to bring it indoors.

You can do this not only through patterns. Consider placing vases or flower arrangements in the rooms.

In the living room, usually one of the rooms with the most space, you can choose to place a large plant.

In apartments, you can use a combination of smaller plants. Pots require less care than flowers and are significantly hardy.

Natural and ecological materials

There is no way of letting organic materials out in a romantic decoration. Choose wooden furniture in its natural color.

Combine them with straw, bamboo, jute, or wicker decoration objects or furniture.

This style is very versatile and later transformed into a coastal design.

Give wings to your imagination and make your home a space of harmony and coziness.

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