Where to eat the best seafood in Matosinhos Sul

Where to eat the best seafood in Matosinhos Sul  


The search for the best seafood restaurant in Matosinhos Sul can be as exhausting as the search for the best francesinha in Porto. Each person has their own preference and there is no doubt that all the options are tasty and, speaking of seafood from Matosinhos, always fresh.

Read on to discover the best seafood restaurants in the Matosinhos Sul area and venture into a seafood restaurant with family or friends!



Perhaps the best known seafood restaurant in Matosinhos, Gaveto is a safe choice for those who want to enjoy seafood washed down with a beautiful wine. We recommend the clams à Bulhão Pato, barnacles, grilled tiger prawns, spider crab, lobster and seafood rice.


Marisqueira A Antiga

A strong competitor to our first suggestion is one of the oldest fish and seafood spaces in the city. Founded in 1957, it is a must for those who enjoy grilled fish, seafood rice and lobster.



Marisqueira Mauritania is another iconic space in the city of Matosinhos. Seafood here is king and always ready to go. In addition to seafood, there are other options on the menu, but take a chance on seafood, you won’t regret it.


O Valentim

Located in one of the busiest streets in Matosinhos Sul, Heróis de França Street, Valentim is a safe bet for lovers of fresh seafood from our coast. Although it is best known for its grilled fish, be sure to visit it to gather the family around a platter of clams à bulhão pato.



Sempr’Assar is on the same street as Valentim, next to the fishing dock. As such, the fish and seafood go directly to the restaurant, maintaining maximum freshness. Sit down, enjoy the view and order a plate of various seafood.


Matosinhos South is one of the most sought after areas to live in today. In addition to the excellent quality of life it provides, the inhabitants will be able to taste the freshest seafood on our coast just a few meters from home.

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