What services do I have available in South Matosinhos?

What services do I have available in South Matosinhos?  


The South Matosinhos area is currently one of the most sought after areas for those looking to buy a property. Many characteristics make Matosinhos Sul a premium area nowadays, but above all, we stand out the perfect harmony between the feeling of living in a cosmopolitan area (a few minutes from Porto) that is at the same time a family retreat out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

South Matosinhos also combines the beach and seawall for strolling, green areas like Parque da Cidade and lots of new construction, including luxury condominiums. It is, for all this, the ideal area to live.

This young and dynamic area is full of day-to-day services that you can enjoy. Within a few meters, there are several supermarkets to choose from to do your shopping.

Public transport is also privileged, with an extensive and well distributed network, between metro and buses.

In terms of trade, the options are varied. You can opt for traditional shops or more up-to-date shopping areas.

There are countless restaurants in South Matosinhos. Known for the high-quality grilled fish and seafood, there are many houses dedicated to these delicacies. However, you will also find a wide range of traditional Portuguese restaurants, Italian restaurants, restaurants dedicated to healthy food, vegetarians, among others.

In the Matosinhos Sul area it also offers all kinds of services such as insurance companies, gas stations, travel agencies, health clinics, etc.

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