What makes Matosinhos Sul one of the best areas in the country to live in?

What makes Matosinhos Sul one of the best areas in the country to live in?  


When thinking about living in Matosinhos Sul, the first image that comes to mind is the beach and the Matosinhos waterfront. How good it is to wake up in the morning on a summer day and be able to take a walk by the sea without taking the car or other transportation.

This ease of contact with the sea and the beach are great attractions for buyers who choose this area. However, there are several factors that make Matosinhos Sul one of the best areas in the country to live in, get to know them!


Access and public transports

In the area of ​​greater Oporto, there is a great movement of people every day. Many of the inhabitants of Matosinhos work in Oporto or neighbouring counties, so access is one of the most important points for those who live there. Matosinhos has direct access to the VCI, A28 and A4, the main accesses to the city of Oporto. On the other hand, if you need to take advantage of public transport, there is a vast metro and bus line.


Green spaces

Matosinhos Sul allows endless outdoor activities and contact with nature. Excluding the beach and waterfront, which allow sunbathing and walking or cycling, there are several green spots in the city. Starting at Parque da Cidade, Quinta da Conceição and Quinta de S. Tiago, there are many spaces that you can enjoy with family and friends. Here you can enjoy picnics or just breathe fresh air.


Wide range of services

In Matosinhos Sul you will find everything you need. There are countless restaurants, pharmacies, cafes, supermarkets, shops, available in the area. Everything is accessible on foot and within walking distance of the main points of the city. In Matosinhos Sul we highlight the grilled fish restaurants, one of the great reasons for visiting Matosinhos.


Join us in Matosinhos Sul, a premium housing area. Come and visit the Mouzinho de Albuquerque Building and discover your new home!


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