The best tips to organize your kitchen

The best tips to organize your kitchen

Keeping your kitchen cabinets organized can be a difficult task. If everything is closed in the kitchen cabinets, the premise is out of sight, out of mind. But, when it’s time to cook, a messy kitchen can be problematic. Keep reading to find out the best tips to organize your kitchen.

You’re tired of the endless jars, bottles, plastic containers, different size bowls, and overflowing spice racks in your kitchen cabinets? Your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for all your kitchen appliances? In today’s article, we will show you some clever kitchen organization ideas to keep everything in place, creating a harmonious kitchen.

Clean and separate

To start a victorious organizing system, you should go through all your utensils, glasses, plates, and stored food. Select everything that is broken or chipped and all the products with expired dates and throw them away. Separate what you don’t use and donate those items. If you like to DIY, save the items and give them a new life.

Organize kitchen cabinets

Try to keep the plates and glasses used more regularly at hand. That way it’s possible to keep the crockery cabinets organized, avoiding the need to be constantly pulling out what you don’t need to reach something.

Use shelves or cup holders to create extra storage inside your cabinets. Separating dishes by utility, patterns, or size can also be a solution to organize your crockery.

Be a fan of clear canisters

It’s not easy to keep the pantry cabinets clean and organized. The best way to do that is by creating an eye-catching display. Put all of the dry ingredients like rice, pasta, cereals, and baking ingredients into glass jars. Label them and add expiration dates.

Take advantage of drawers

If well-used, you can make drawers a great place to store cutlery, but also pots and pans. Use pot lid organizers and stack pans from the largest to the small to keep everything in its place inside a drawer.

Another clever idea is to create a spice drawer. This way is possible to create an accessible and clean place for your favorite spices.

Clear the bench

Leaving everything on the bench for easy reach can be a temptation, but all that can easily transform into a mess. Leave only the essential items and add some decorations on the bench.

Store all the appliances inside cabinets. It will protect them from accidents and create an organized look for your kitchen.

The tricks to keep your kitchen organized are endless. If you want to go a step further, you can go for custom furniture with built-in shelves or carousel supports to make good use of the corner cabinets space.

Also, you can use creativity to take advantage of some corners in the kitchen with storage solutions.

However, the little tricks we bring you today will give your kitchen the harmony it needs so that cooking is not a disorganized nightmare!

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