Tips to keep your house warm all Winter

Tips to keep your house warm all Winter  


The apartments at Edifício Mouzinho de Albuquerque were built with the highest quality materials, which makes the thermal insulation very efficient. However, it never hurts to enhance the effects of good construction and so we leave you with some tips to keep your home warm throughout the winter, without using heating devices like heaters.


Open the curtains and let the sun in

In the morning open your home’s blinds and curtains and let the sunlight in. The glass in the windows allows light to enter but does not let it out again. Sunlight will reflect on walls and furniture and turn to heat.


Fill the house with textiles

Placing rugs on the floor of your home creates an insulating layer between the floor and the air and keeps your feet warm by preventing them from touching the floor directly. When it comes to sofas, opt for versions of fabric instead of leather, which becomes much colder in the Winter. Complete sofas and bedding with cushions from warm fabrics such as velvet or suede.


Choose the furniture well

Large objects such as furniture retain heat well, so a house with plenty of furniture and decorative pieces will always be more welcoming than an empty house. An excellent example of furniture that effectively retains heat is wooden furniture and bookcases.


Use the oven

Cold weather is an excellent time to make cakes and oven meals. In addition to the warm meals being comforting, the heat from the oven warms the house. When you finish cooking, turn off your oven but keep the door open, so that you can enjoy the heat.


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