Tips for those who are moving

Tips for those who are moving  


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Now it’s time to prepare for the move. Moving house is a very important and exciting moment, but it also brings a great deal of stress. Anyone who has moved home knows that the process of transporting belongings from one house to another is, as a rule, chaotic.

We only realize the amount of belongings we have when we have to collect them, which can be very complex. However, with proper organization it is possible to make this process easier and faster. Today we leave you with some tips that will help you move your house.


Start early and filter 

Organization is the key to making your change run as smoothly as possible. You should start by listing the tasks you need to complete and organize yourself before starting the packaging process. Moving house is the ideal time to reduce the amount of items you have. Collect everything you no longer use and donate to social institutions or family that needs it. Throw away objects that you don’t use or that are damaged, see this sorting as an opportunity to make your life simpler, avoiding transporting things you don’t need to your new home.


Organize boxes and make you of travel bags

Storing your belongings in boxes is the easiest way to organize your move. You should leave some boxes reserved for the items you need until the day you move in, for example bed linen, towels and hygiene products. Do not put too much weight inside the boxes, this will make it difficult to transport them. You can also use suitcases.


List what’s inside each box

On the side of each box you can put a small list that identifies the items that are inside. You can also create a color system that identifies the box’s target division.


Create a kit for the first few days

The first days in the new house will be chaos. The accumulated tiredness and the number of boxes will make it difficult to get everything organized. Make a list of everything you might need for the first few days and put it in the last box or suitcase to be taken to your new home. Hygiene products, bath towels, changes of clothes, pajamas, etc. will be some of the things you will undoubtedly need.

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