Tips for making an organized home moving

Tips for making an organized home moving  


Moving homes can be a stressful process. Years and years of accumulation in a house can become a nightmare when organizing everything to move out, but we can help.

Today we leave you with some simple advice that will make all the difference when you move.


When and how?

Start by defining when and how you will make the change. Do you have much or little time? Are you going to rent a van or use your vehicle? Will you ask for help from family members or hire a moving agency? Take into account all the resources at your disposal and create your plan in advance!



Take your time putting everything inboxes. The more organized your boxes are, the faster it will be to pack everything in the new house.

Use a colour code, letters or numbers to identify what is in each box and differentiate the fragile ones. It is always a good idea to write on the boxes to which division they belong.

Start with the things you use least daily, such as books, appliances and clothes from other seasons. Closer to the moving date, start organizing more basic objects like TVs, clothes, hygiene products, etc.

Do not forget to always place heavy objects in small boxes. When putting them in a large box, you risk not being able to support the weight.


The change

When the D-day arrives, do not worry! Start by loading all the boxes in the transport of your choice. Don’t forget to separate the heavy from the fragile and light! Place the heavy ones on the bottom, then the fragile ones and then the light ones. Also, cover your furniture with blankets to protect it from impact while travelling to your new home.

Before you officially leave your old home, make sure you leave nothing behind.

In the new house, place the boxes in each room in each one and try to arrange everything in order. For example, if you start with your bedroom, first pack all your clothes, then dedicate yourself to your bed and finish by placing small pieces of decoration, such as photo frames.

Then, continue to the next division and continue finishing steps. We advise you to start with the bedrooms and kitchen.


Moving to a new home can and should be exciting. Use these organizational tips and moving will be wonderful!

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