Tips for decorating your home with rugs

Tips for decorating your home with rugs


Rugs are decorative pieces full of personality. Learn in our blog some tips to decorate your home with rugs.

Often all it takes is a rug to change the mood of the decor and fill a space with charisma. It’s a perfect solution to enliven your living room or give more comfort to your bedroom.

Today, we run through some of the best tips for decorating your home with rugs. Let’s see!

Defining areas

Rugs are perfect for defining areas, especially in rooms with separate functionality, such as seating or dining areas, or homes with an “open space” concept.

Use rugs to delineate spaces and give different personalities to, for example, the dining room and the living room.

Choose sizes

To decide the size of rugs, you should consider the dimensions and size of the furniture.

If you place a rug next to the sofa, you should put it under the piece about 10 centimeters. In the case of individual armchairs or sofas, they should be above the rug.

Play with dimensions

Don’t be afraid to use different-sized rugs. Using the same size rugs in a dual-purpose space can be a mistake, creating a divisive effect.

Try to play with shapes and sizes to create diversity and harmony in an integrated environment so that the decoration flows between the rooms of the same space.

Combine textures and create overlaps

One advantage of decorating with rugs is that you can create bold combinations. You can use overlaps to create a different look. In a way to both pieces stand out together, opt for a more neutral rug and a bolder one.

Remember that when using more than one rug, they should complement and integrate the decor. Avoid creating a decoration with too many prominent elements.

Rugs on the wall

Since ancient times, rugs have been used vertically, hung on the wall. It can be a great way to display that gorgeous rug you bought and don’t think it will get the prominence it deserves.

You can also use rugs to fill a wall with texture, adding an extra touch of color and coziness to the room.

As you can see, there are countless ways to give your home a new look using just rugs. They are a diverse complement that can add that extra touch to your home environment that no other decorative element can.

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