Things to do in Matosinhos during the Summer

Things to do in Matosinhos during the Summer  


Matosinhos is one of the cities with the highest demand for housing in Portugal today. The quality of life and proximity to Oporto, as well as the many beaches distinguish this municipality from the Porto Metropolitan Area. Despite being a pleasant area throughout the year, it is in summer that Matosinhos can be fully experienced.

Discover our suggestions for activities to do in Matosinhos during the summer!


Visit the 13 beaches of Matosinhos

The municipality of Matosinhos has an extensive offer in terms of beaches, as it is a coastal city. The endless stretches of sand invite residents and visitors to take long walks along the seashore. Currently, 13 beaches in Matosinhos have the Blue Flag Award, thanks to the quality of the water, cleanliness of the bathing area, surveillance, quality of access and infrastructure.


Walking on the Marginal de Matosinhos

The coastal road of Matosinhos, reclassified a few years ago, gave new life to the beach area, with the construction of new urbanizations and the opening of modern terraces. It’s a great place to walk around on a hot summer day or drink a refreshment on a terrace while watching the sunset.


Take advantage of the city’s green spaces

Matosinhos has several green spaces where you can walk, relax or have a picnic. The best-known park in Matosinhos is Parque da Cidade do Porto, the largest urban park in the country that occupies a total of 83 hectares and about 10 km of walking paths.


Have fresh fish for lunch on a terrace

Matosinhos is internationally recognized for having the best fish in the world. Grilled with potatoes and salad to accompany, there is no way to resist the dozens of restaurants that specialize in fish in the city of Matosinhos.


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