The importance of location when looking for a home

The importance of location when looking for a home  


Our home has always been synonymous with refuge, a place of comfort and peace. However, in 2020 the arrival of a worldwide pandemic and a long period of confinement meant that homes took on a major role in daily life.

The confinement period changed the way people see their space, as they ended up spending more time at home. This ended up translating into an increase in the demand for properties with exterior space and, in general, with locations with different characteristics.

After spending long months confined to their residence and surrounding space, the Portuguese began to appreciate aspects of the location of properties that were already important but now have gained new prominence.

Next, we explore some important aspects related to the location of a house, factors that you should take into account if you are looking for a house.

Security is a fundamental aspect to take into account. Visit the area of ​​the property that you will potentially buy at different times of the day, so you can get a good sense of lighting, movement, etc. Well-located condominiums, with a 24-hour security guard, are very popular, although more expensive, as expected.

Either way, try to find out about the security of the neighbourhood if it is customary for robberies to occur and if it is an area where you feel comfortable walking alone.

The quality of the location of the property is directly influenced by the infrastructure of the area in which it is located. Look for areas with good conditions for streets and sidewalks, public lighting, public transport and leisure areas.

In addition to the proximity to services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., you must take into account the proximity to key points in your life, such as your job, your gym, the kids’ school, among others. This will help you to monetize the hours of your day, avoiding long hours in traffic.

Finally, you should also think of your property as a heritage that you can later put to yield. Whether for sale or rent, a privileged location will always be a huge advantage, which will bring you an advantage in the future.

The location of a property has a huge influence on your quality of life. As such, prioritize this factor during the home search process.

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