The biggest interior design trends for 2021

The biggest interior design trends for 2021  


2020 is almost over and, as always, the end of the year brings predictions of what will be the interior design trends of the next. Annually, interior design professionals dedicate themselves to studying the major points of interest in the area of ​​decoration, establishing the trends of the following year. Next, discover the major interior design trends of 2021.



The great global trend not only for interior design but also in other areas such as architecture and technology is sustainability. There is more and more a commitment to taking care of the environment, reducing the ecological footprint caused by the use of natural resources and raw materials. Above all, the great trend of 2020 is respect for the planet through the use of recyclable materials, the non-use of fabrics of animal origin and the reuse of furniture, materials, etc.


Scandinavian and Industrial

A common trend in recent years that definitely came to stay was Scandinavian-inspired decor. More and more people are looking for properties with light wood finishes, as well as simple pieces of furniture – mostly white or light wood. Combined with the Nordic style of decoration, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the Industrial style, which adds more unusual materials such as steel and bolder finishes such as exposed brick walls. Lamps are perhaps the most widely used pieces of industrial inspiration nowadays. When included in a simpler room with softer colors, they add personality and character to the space.


Natural elements

The introduction of natural elements in decoration is another of the huge trends for 2021. The concept is based on the need to strengthen the connection between human beings and nature, bringing it into their homes. Organic and natural materials such as dry flowers, jute carpets and plants are excellent examples of how you can apply this trend to your home. Indoor plants are always excellent options. If you want to know which are the best indoor plants to have at home, read our article.



The latest big trend leaves no room for misunderstanding: less is more. Functional objects and furniture that can be used for more than one purpose are increasingly valued. Versatility is important as it will allow you to have fewer things, living in a house with fewer obstacles, facilitating cleaning and reducing costs.


Now that you know the major decorating trends for 2021, you can only apply them to your home. Adopt sustainable practices and bet on light tones and simple furniture and your home will be at the center of trends.


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