The best indoor plants to have at home

The best indoor plants to have at home  


Plants are a recurring element in Portuguese homes. Whether designed to bring a touch of green to an environment or to purify the air, natural plants are always a good choice to have at home.

Some scientific studies also demonstrate a relationship between the interaction with indoor plants and the reduction of stress. Given the advantages for your health and the benefits in terms of decoration, today we list the best indoor plants to have in your home.



Cacti are extremely easy to care for and are widely used in decoration today. In addition to giving a boho and relaxed style to any room, they have very low maintenance needs.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very easy plant to care for. In addition to bringing beauty to your home, Aloe Vera helps to treat burns and scalds and soothe sensitive skin. It doesn’t need a lot of water and is quite resistant.


Saint George’s Sword

Saint George’s Sword is one of the most popular indoor plants. It has an original appearance, with its contrasting stripes and is said to have the ability to neutralize the negative energies of the room in which it is placed. It is a plant quite resistant to temperature differences.



Ferns are one of the best plants to purify the air in your home. They are tolerant to high and low temperatures, which is why we find it regularly in nature. They can be grown in pots and beds and because of their versatility, they are one of the most commercialized plants.


Monstera deliciosa

This plant is one of the most famous on the internet, being regularly seen in photographs on Pinterest and Instagram! The unusually shaped leaves give a tropical touch to any decor, being originally from Mexico. However, monstera deliciosa needs some care and is therefore not recommended for more inexperienced or distracted owners.


These are some of the best plants to have in your home. Whether with the aim of using them to decorate or to purify the air, you won’t regret these options.


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