The best 4 reasons to live in Matosinhos Sul

The best 4 reasons to live in Matosinhos Sul  


Matosinhos is one of the municipalities with the greatest demand for housing today, particularly the Matosinhos Sul (South) area. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Matosinhos is highly valued by lovers of the beach, fresh fish and city life.

Many reasons make this municipality in the Oporto Metropolitan Area so attractive. Today, we highlight four excellent reasons that make Matosinhos Sul the ideal place to live.


Quality of life

Firstly, we emphasize the quality of life in Matosinhos Sul. This area of ​​Matosinhos presents the perfect balance between a cosmopolitan city and a haven of tranquility. With the beach accompanying the urban area, it is common to see surfers with their boards walking on the waterfront in the middle of the day, while children play in the gardens and families stroll their pets. Matosinhos Sul has the life of a big city, without losing the essence of a village by the sea, marked by green areas and excellent access.


The beaches

Matosinhos is a coastal municipality with a long stretch of beach. The Matosinhos Sul beach invites residents and visitors for long walks by the sea. At any time of the year you can spot surfers at sea. During the Summer, you can enjoy one of the 13 beaches in Matosinhos distinguished with the Blue Flag Award.


Bars and terraces

If you think you will be away from the nightlife or a good terrace to enjoy with friends, you are wrong. In Matosinhos Sul you will find a terrace or a bar on each corner, and many offer you a fabulous view of the sea.


Green spaces

On the border between Porto and Matosinhos Sul, you will find the City Park of Porto, the largest urban park in the country, which extends to the sculpture She Changes, known as Anémona. The city park occupies a total of 83 hectares and has about 10 km of walking paths. This is not, however, the only green space you can enjoy. Matosinhos offers several places where you can exercise, stroll with the family and have moments of leisure accompanied by a stunning landscape.


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