Simple and easy DIY Christmas decorations

Simple and easy DIY Christmas decorations  


Christmas is coming and with it the desire to start decorating the house and fill it with Christmas spirit. For those with children at home, this can be an especially creative time, when it is easier to keep children entertained with manual activities and small games. However, between the Christmas tree and its decorations and other ornaments to embellish the house, the bill can get very high.

Today we put together a list of suggestions for Christmas decorations that you can make with your family in order to make this Christmas more affordable.

Our first suggestion is an original and simpler Christmas tree. Instead of a huge tree full of decorative elements, you can choose to go to a plant shop and buy a small natural pine. To give it a more elegant and flashy look, place the plastic vase in a decorated paper bag, closed with a fabric or sisal tape.

Another of our tips is to use simple elements to embellish the dining table. First of all, a red towel with Christmas elements immediately creates a Christmas atmosphere. Then, you can decorate your napkin holders by wrapping them with a cinnamon stick and a rosemary branch, securing with a string of string. In addition to being beautiful, the room will have a magnificent aroma.

One of the funniest Christmas traditions is to put socks on the fireplace for Santa to leave the gifts there. You can use old socks you have at home and no longer use and embroider the names of all family members or use leftover fabric to make new socks. Kids can choose their fabrics and build their socks according to their personality.

Another excellent idea to make your home more welcoming is to take candles that you haven’t used in a long time or that are too simple and give them a new life. Our suggestion is to take jute ribbons (which you can buy at haberdasheries or take advantage of old packages) and wrap the candles, adding preserved flowers, rosemary branches or even holly related to Christmas.

These small adaptations also represent playful activities to do with children without the need to spend a lot of time or money.

Transform your home into a true Christmas getaway, spending little and giving your creativity wings.


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