Prepare your home for Summer

Prepare your home for Summer  


With the arrival of Summer, the long-awaited hot days also arrive. The heat is welcome when we are at the beach or by the pool, but it can be uncomfortable at home. For many people, high temperatures cause a lot of discomfort, choosing to install air conditioning units.

However, in addition to these “aids” there are some simple and economical tricks that can help to manage your house temperatures in the summer. We now list them: 


Change lamp bulbs

Incandescent lamps use about 90% of their energy with the heat they emit, making spaces warmer and using more electricity. In the hot season, replace them with fluorescent or LED lamps.


Use light fabrics

In addition to the usual exchange of winter sheets for summer, you should also choose to change the fabrics of other elements, such as pillows and sofas.

If the lining of your sofa is warm, you can exchange the cover for a cotton, cooler one. Bright sofas, bedding, curtains and walls reflect light more than they absorb it, so they help keep the environment fresh. That is why the houses in the south of our country, where temperatures are higher, are whitewashed

As for curtains, which are essential to block the entry of UV rays, must be lightweight, so that fresh air can easily enter.


Block the sun in the hottest hours

Keep the blinds / shutters and curtains closed during the hours of greatest sun exposure and, consequently, of greatest heat. Open them at night or early in the morning, when temperatures are lower, to cool the house.


Fans and ice

If you do not have an air conditioning system installed, we will introduce you to a very effective trick that involves a fan. First, the fan must be installed at least two meters from the floor. Although they do not cool the air, the fans circulate the air. Try this at night, when the outside temperature is lower than the inside: Place a fan facing a window, in order to “push” the hot air from the room into the street. Try placing a bowl of cold water or ice cubes in front of the fan. The ice will melt and the water will evaporate, creating a feeling of freshness in the air.


Remember that temperatures on the coast are milder than inland. If you are looking for a house by the sea, contact us! We have the ideal house for you in Edifício Mouzinho de Albuquerque.

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