Places to walk with your children in Matosinhos

Places to walk with your children in Matosinhos  


Matosinhos offers several places where you can exercise, walk with the family and have several leisure moments accompanied by a stunning landscape.

Porto’s City Park, which is the largest urban park in the country, has 83 hectares, about 10 km of paths, several lakes, varied flora and fauna.

Guilherme Pinto Square occupies about 7,765 square meters, features fountains, sculptures and gardens. It was inaugurated in January 2019 in honor of Guilherme Pinto and the canning industry. The square is better known for a large stainless steel sculpture of a school of fish.

Whether it is Summer or Winter, there is always movement at Matosinhos’ seawall. If you are looking for a seaside workout spot, this is a great option.

For beach lovers, there is no shortage of places to surf or sunbathe. Matosinhos has 13 blue flag beaches.

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