Discover the perfect flooring for your home

Discover the perfect flooring for your home

The floor is often the least of the worries when buying or redecorating a house. But a room with the wrong flooring can be fatal. It can influence the design of the space and its functionality. Discover in today’s article the perfect flooring for your home.

The right floor can make a room cozy and comfortable. It can also add a special touch to the decor.

The easiest thing is to choose a wooden floor in a color that matches all designs. And there’s no harm in that. It’s elegant, and there’s nowhere to go wrong.

But if you like to take risks, learn about some of the materials that might surprise your guests.

Microcement and concrete floor

This material is one of the trends that has established itself in recent years.

Boosted by the boom of industrial-inspired decoration and minimalist designs, microcement and concrete floor is great for creating a stripped-down decoration.

This solution is practical and gives any room a strong stamp of personality. It also can be combined with different looks.

In addition, both microcement and honed concrete are extra resistants. They are waterproof and do not need much care.

Cork flooring

It may seem unexpected, but a cork floor can be the perfect solution for some of the rooms in your home.

One of the best advantages of cork floorings is that they help insulate the house. It’s a great advantage for making your home more sustainable, as you won’t need to spend as much energy to acclimate your home.

In addition, it acts as a soundproofing element. If one of the goals of the new flooring is to reduce noise, then cork flooring is perfect for that purpose.

And don’t worry, your home won’t look like a pinboard. Today, there is an enormous variety of colors and types of cork.

Hydraulic flooring

Inspired by the Mediterranean style and widely used in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Morocco, hydraulic mosaic flooring turns any space into artistic inspiration.

The combination of colors or patterns is infinite and can create a modern or more retro style. Hydraulic mosaic is one of the only options for the long-term installation of a decorative mosaic.

It is the perfect solution to create in your home that design so typical of Italian manor houses or Spanish villas.

As you have seen, you can innovate and use different types of flooring to decorate your home.

Of course, wood is like black, never compromises. This material can also be quite diverse.

You can opt for a rustic, imperfect wood floor, a parquet floor, or use natural wood to give your home a unique connection with nature. 

In the Mouzinho de Albuquerque building, we have chosen an oak floor that perfectly suits all tastes and decorations. 

Visit us and find out more details about our apartments. 

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