Most important elements when looking for a home

Most important elements when looking for a home  


Buying your dream home can be a complicated process. There are several elements to consider when choosing a property. Today we cover the main ones that you must take into account to make the best choice!



Location is one of the most important factors to take into account when considering buying a home. Consider not only the distance to the main services you use, such as supermarkets and banks but also think about the potential of the location. Is the zone in development? Do you like the municipality?

Also, consider all the leisure elements you can find around you. Are there swimming pools, museums, beaches, cinemas, playgrounds, etc.? The ideal home must be close to places where the whole family can enjoy their free time.

Consider everything that surrounds the property!



We all like to feel safe at home. Our home is sometimes the only place where we know we are safe. So, take into consideration the security of the property!

Does it’s street where have good lighting? Is the area usually the target of robberies?

Does the condominium provide video surveillance?

Consider everything you need to feel safe in your future home!


Property condition

When making your visit to the property, take a good look at the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. All kinds of damages and possible repairs will be at your cost. The state of conservation of the house is a crucial factor to take into account in your visit. A property that needs a lot of repairs can end up giving a lot of headaches quickly. If you do not intend to invest in renovations, bet on a renovated or new property.



The cost of the property is probably the main factor to consider when looking for a home. Evaluate all the elements that you think are important and compare them to the price. Is it suitable for the property? Also consider all the expenses you will have with the house in repairs, condominium and decoration, and make your final decision! Do not forget that all properties have an associated tax (the IMI) and that the bigger it is, the higher it will be.


Choosing a property to buy is a big step and a big decision in your life. The Edifício Mouzinho de Albuquerque provides you with all the advantages related to the factors described above and much more. Mark your visit!

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