Ideas for the extra bedroom you have at home

Ideas for the extra bedroom you have at home  


Are you thinking about moving and consider investing in a home with an extra room? Excellent idea! In the Mouzinho de Albuquerque Building, you can find apartments up to T4 bedrooms, with generous areas and large terraces.

Today we give you some suggestions for the empty room of your house so that you can enjoy this space to the fullest and not just become an unoccupied space.


Guest room

We start with the most obvious suggestion, which has certainly crossed your mind, a guest room. Having a room dedicated to receiving friends and family can be an excellent solution, but only if you receive such visits frequently. If you rarely receive visits it is not worthwhile to occupy a room with a huge bed or sofa.


Home Office

In 2020, the Portuguese realized more than ever the importance of a home office. Whether you work at home temporarily or permanently, office space is a useful addition. Even if you don’t work at home, a home office offers you a place to store your computer, printer, paperwork and bills that often take care of the home. It is also an excellent space for your children to do their homework, study, etc.



It may seem like a luxury, but many people like it and have dressing rooms at home. The closet is a practical space where you can store all your clothes, accessories and even have a dressing table with your makeup and products. Nowadays there are many practical and inexpensive solutions to create closets, just have some imagination and a good mirror.


Games Room and Cinema

If you have extra space in your home and love cinema, the answer is obvious: create a home cinema. You can purchase a projector and a giant screen so you can watch your favourite movies in the largest format possible. Then, just invest in a comfortable sofa and pillows and have your home cinema. For the more eccentric, a mini-fridge and a popcorn machine are mandatory.

On the other hand, if you love games, we suggest you transform your spare room into a games room. From board games, to cards or pool tables, the possibilities are endless!


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