How to use pastel colours in your home decor

How to use pastel colours in your home decor  


Pastel colours are colors with low saturation, usually associated with delicate, romantic and feminine environments. Its use in decoration is one of the biggest trends this year, whether in decorative elements, walls, furniture, etc.

Pastel tones are usually described as soft, but they can bring “life” to a room when used well. Read on and learn how to use pastel colours in your home decor!


Introduce pastel shades in detail

Start slowly. Try adding pastel colours to decor elements such as pillows and throws to create a fresh and calm appearance in the room. Combining pastel tones with stronger colours and materials, such as wood, creates a very interesting contrast.


Experiment in different divisions

Who said this trend only applies to the living room or bedroom? Try introducing pastel shades into prominent rooms in your home, such as the kitchen. Appliances in beige or turquoise blue, or even cloths in milky colours, are excellent examples of decorative elements that can enrich your kitchen environment. In the bedroom, for example, bet on lamps with pastel accents or small details such as drawer handles.


Be bold

If discretion isn’t your thing, bet on key pieces that will determine the complete mood of your decor, such as a sofa. Shades like blue and pastel pink and materials like velvet are huge decorating trends these days.


Introduce pastel colours without investing too much

One of the easiest and most economical ways to use pastel colours in your home is through flowers. Fresh pink and lilac flowers can be the missing colour element in your room. Take advantage of nature to bring the trend of pastels into your home!

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