How to turn your living room into a cinema

How to turn your living room into a cinema  


2020 brought us inside our homes. Gradually, we resume the “normal” life with more and more freedoms, although with much more care than we were used to.

The global pandemic and the need for confinement within our homes made us rethink our homes, the organization, the practicality of decoration and even the possible forms of entertainment within 4 walls.

For many families, the kids’ rooms had to become castles and the rooms into amusement parks. Cinema, for example, was missed by many families. Now, despite the fact that many theaters are already in operation, many people choose to remain protected. However, have you thought about bringing the cinema home?

Today we leave you with some suggestions on how you can transform your home living room into a movie theater with minor adaptations.The beauty of a cinema is based on 4 factors: image, sound, light and comfort. In the end, we leave you with bonus tips to make your living room the best of movie theaters.


There is no great science behind this point: a good TV can transport you to the universe of cinema. It is not necessary to have a screen that occupies an entire wall but if you want to have the feeling of being in a movie theater, the better the image quality, the better. The TV should be placed about 2 meters from the sofa.



After the image, it is important to think about Sound. Depending on the size of your room, you should research the available home theater systems to have access to excellent sound quality. A good home theater will give you a more realistic audio environment.



Seats should also be on your home cinema’s priority list. For extra comfort, you can invest in reclining sofas, with chaise longue and ottomans to support your feet.

Since the space works mostly as a living room, you should choose sofas that allow this adaptation while still being functional for the day-to-day.



If you want to have the complete cinema experience you can invest in completely opaque curtains that remove all the light from the room. Curtains are particularly important if you choose to place a projector instead of a TV in your home cinema.



If you want to have the full experience you can invest some money in a homemade popcorn maker and in your stock of snacks and drinks, just like in a cinema.


Then, just invite your friends and enjoy your movie theater with them and the whole family!


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