How to prepare your home for Summer

How to prepare your home for Summer  


With the arrival of summer and heat, the clothes in our closet change and give way to lighter and fresher pieces, in light and bright colours. If the clothes we wear change, why does our house remain the same throughout the year and for various seasons?

Today we leave you with some suggestions on how you can adapt your decor to the new season that is approaching.


Cheerful colour palette

Summer is synonymous with joy and happiness. Cheerful colours are characteristic of this hot season. Try introducing new colours into your home, especially in textiles. Swap your curtains for curtains made of lighter materials like linen, and light colours like white, beige and yellow. Replace your pillow covers with summery ones or brightly coloured geometric patterns. If your sofa allows it, change the pillow covers for others with lighter tones.


Light fabrics

It’s time to say hello to the heat! Store sofa blankets and exchange them for other lighter and fresher fabrics. With hot days and nights, bet on fabrics such as linen and satin, as they are thinner and allow for better breathing.


Change the decor

A great way to give your home a summer atmosphere is to introduce different little elements into your decor. Bring nature into your home through plants, flowers and natural materials. Replace heavy, shaggy rugs with cotton and jute rugs that will keep your surroundings cooler.


Summer is an excellent time to redecorate your home! Take advantage of our special partnership with Laskasas and have a completely personalized interior design project. Don’t miss this opportunity when buying a property in the Mouzinho de Albuquerque Building!

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