How to plan the bathroom decoration

How to plan the bathroom decoration

Social media is full of beautiful and original bathroom designs. The DIY transformations make it look easy to transform a bathroom. But the million-dollar question is: how to change a dull bathroom into a stylish and practical place? In today’s blog post, you will find some of the best tips to learn to plan the bathroom decoration

As in planning the design for the living room, bedroom, or any other division, the first step is always pre-planning. 

Make sure you do the research. It’s also relevant that you gather your ideas and define the style of the decoration. 

Because the bathroom is, usually, the smallest room in the house, you have to make every centimeter count! 

Whether you decide to do it yourself or work with a professional designer, here’s the most relevant information and tips to prevent regrets! 

Deciding on the layout

The first task is to decide the best layout for the bathroom. Therefore, consider if you want a family bathroom or an en-suite for two. 

It’s essential to define the place for the toilet, the shower, the sink, and other elements. 

If the current fittings are in the right place and the problem is that you want something different, it’s enough to replace them with new ones in the same position.

Measuring the room

Without accurate measurements, everything in the design plan can go wrong. Therefore, you should be a perfectionist. 

Mesure, carefully, the dimensions of the room and include features that are likely to affect the design, including windows, chimney breasts, and doors.

It’s also relevant to include the shapes and sizes of elements like the bath, toilet, sink, and pre-existent furniture. 

Selecting a style

After deciding the place of every element in the bathroom, it’s time to set on a style.

Depending on the usage, you might prefer a modern style or a more traditional look

Choosing a style in the pre-planning phase will help you narrow down the choice of fittings to consider. 

So, a vision board is an ideal technique to help you visualize what you want and need for the bathroom. 

Go to hotels and boutiques websites for styling ideas. 

Storage is essential in planning bathroom decoration!

Plan the bathroom decoration has one big challenge: storage. 

One shelf is never enough to store everything. But filling the room with furniture is the wrong idea. 

Choose the cabinets very carefully. Preferably, choose a vanity with space for towels and other types of bathroom products. 

Be bold with your choice, because this piece of furniture might be the statement piece of the room. 

Bathroom wall and floor 

Choosing bathroom flooring is essential. Not only because it has to be a durable and resistant material, but it can also be a statement piece. 

The same applies to the walls. One of the most used materials in a bathroom is tiles. 

They are a must-have because tiles help to protect the walls from water. 

But tiles don’t have to be dull. Use colors or patterns to achieve a stand-out design.

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