How to organize the house after moving

How to organize the house after moving  


Moving house is not a simple or linear process. Wear starts before moving and only ends with the new house completely organized. However, there are ways to reduce the stress associated with moving house and organize your home as soon as the first boxes arrive at the new address.

First, an organized move begins when you are still in the house you are about to leave. It is essential that you organize your belongings in properly identified boxes or suitcases and that you place the identification of the room where they should go in the new house.

Then, you should always make sure that you are moving to a clean space. Moving out before doing general cleaning of the house makes future cleaning difficult since you will already have furniture, boxes and bags to deal with afterwards. That is, before placing your belongings in the new house, you must clean the house thoroughly or hire a team of professionals for this purpose.

When you arrive at your new home, you should start by placing the boxes that you previously identified in the rooms to which they belong and then start opening them. Then, start by opening the boxes that store essential products, those you will need on the first night and on the following days. Some examples of essential belongings are hygiene products, pyjamas and bedding, towels, basic kitchen utensils, among others.

Now that you have the basics covered, start by organizing your home into rooms. This will help you finish more quickly than walking around the rooms indiscriminately taking care of small things.

Start with the kitchen. Organize the cabinets and drawers with the utensils you brought from the old house or bought in the meantime. Arrange plates, pans, boards, among others, in the way that seems most practical. Do not worry that everything is perfect, only after a while living in your new home will you realize what changes you will have to make your life more practical.

Organize the pantry and the refrigerator. Do not forget to go shopping in order to have some food to consume in the first days.

Then move on to the bedrooms. If you have children, organize their rooms first, so that they feel more comfortable and adapt more quickly to the home. Living spaces such as the living room, terrace and balcony should be left for the end.

All of these tips will save you a lot of time and stress, helping you make moving house a fun and happy time and not a nightmare. If you want to move house soon and still haven’t found the property of your dreams, contact us! We have the best apartments in Matosinhos Sul at your disposal.


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