How to make your home more environmentally friendly

How to make your home more environmentally friendly  


Talking about sustainability has never been more important than it is today. At a time when it’s clear that our planet’s energy resources are limited, it’s up to us to decrease the human footprint on the environment and do what we can to ensure that the next generations have a great quality of life.

However, following a more environmentally friendly lifestyle not only helps the planet but also our wallet. Today we leave you with some tips for a more sustainable and economical home life.



Nowadays, recycling is no longer news to anyone. This is the simplest action we can take in our daily lives, and probably the one that can have more results in the short and long term..

However, many people are still resistant to recycling, either because of laziness, lack of faith in the collection system or lack of eco points in their living area.

Separating our waste is very important and easy and has many advantages, not only environmental but also economic and social. These include: saving water and energy, reducing the extraction of raw materials, lowering waste treatment rates and reducing the impacts of landfills and incineration.


Change the light bulbs

Another tip that is very easy to apply in your home but sometimes goes unnoticed is to change the old halogen or incandescent bulbs for LEDs. LED bulbs last much longer than halogen bulbs and use on average up to 80% less energy while emitting the same light.


Favour electrical extension leads with on/off

Electrical extension cords are objects that are part of our daily life and to which we sometimes do not pay enough attention. Try to use extension cords with an on/off button, in which it is easier to interrupt energy consumption whenever you are not using the appliances connected to them.


Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are a major source of electricity consumption in our homes. When buying, we should pay attention to the energy efficiency of the appliances but also to how we position them in our home. For example, you should avoid as much as possible placing a refrigerator next to a window where the sun shines or next to an oven. This way, the refrigerator will use much more energy to maintain the internal temperature.

The washing machines and dishwashers should be run only when they are full because the consumption is higher since the number of washes is higher.


Reduce paper consumption

Nowadays, most electricity, gas, internet and water services offer the option of electronic invoicing. Many even offer discounts for those who opt for this modality to receive their invoice. Also, avoid printing unnecessary documents and clean the kitchen sink with cloths instead of paper.


Reduce the use of plastic

This is the most significant expense in our daily lives and one of the most harmful to the environment. If you can’t buy in bulk using reusable bags or jars, opt for products with familiar packaging. For example, you could buy a kilo of yoghurt instead of a 12-pack.

Opt for reusable cloth or plastic bags.


Being more sustainable is not difficult and does not require you to spend more money than you have spent so far. With these simple gestures, you will make your home more environmentally friendly and reduce your bills at the end of the month.

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