How to enjoy this summer in Matosinhos

How to enjoy this summer in Matosinhos  


The quality of life of the inhabitants of Matosinhos is undeniable. However, it is in the warm months that the city reaches its potential. Matosinhos is a city on the coast of Portugal and, as such, is reborn in summer.

Today we explain how you can make the most of the summer in Matosinhos!


Surfing the waves in Matosinhos

It is impossible to talk about Matosinhos Summer without mentioning water sports, specifically surfing. Matosinhos is known as the ideal environment for surfing, especially for beginners. There are several surf schools along the beach, as well as shops selling and renting sea sports equipment.


Walk on the Marginal

After redevelopment a few years ago, the coastal road of Matosinhos has given new life to the beach area. Along the wide promenade, passersby walk, skate, cycle or buy ice cream in small shops. Go for a walk on a hot summer’s day or sip refreshments on a terrace while watching the sunset.


Picnic at City Park

The best known park in Matosinhos is the Parque da Cidade do Porto. Despite its name, the park is “shared” between Porto and Matosinhos and is the largest urban park in the country, occupying a total of 83 hectares and about 10 km of walking paths. It’s the perfect setting for a picnic with friends or family.


Buy fresh fish at Matosinhos Market

Matosinhos is internationally recognized for having the best fish in the world and buying it is within everyone’s reach at the Matosinhos Municipal Market. Matosinhos Market is much more than a fresh market. In addition to the best fish and seafood in the northern seas of Portugal, you can find several small restaurants to eat and drink there.

The Mouzinho de Albuquerque Building is located in the most sought after area of ​​Matosinhos, Matosinhos Sul. This location allows residents of the development to enjoy everything the city has to offer, not only in summer but in any season. Visit the latest available apartments and improve your quality of life!

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