​​How to decorate your home with candles

​​How to decorate your home with candles


Candles are a growing trend in interior design. On these cold days, candles are the best way to decorate and turn any room in your home cozier.

The days are getting colder, and the arrival of winter calls for a warm and cozy home. For that, you don’t need to fill your sofa with blankets. Decorate with a few candles to create an inviting environment in your home.

For much of the year, candles are nothing more than decorative elements. But, as the nights grow darker and colder, they once again take on a leading role.

Finding the perfect candle for your decoration, it’s easy. Nowadays, there are all kinds of candles on the market, from the most classic shapes to the art deco ones, from the well-known white candle to the most vibrant color. In other words, you’ll be able to fit candles into your home decor without difficulty.

Candles in the living room

With some candles, you’ll be able to create a romantic ambiance and an intimate atmosphere. With their tinny and warm flame, candles are also a trend when making the home a relaxing, peaceful, and cozy place.

The living room, one of the most inviting rooms to spend cold winter afternoons, is a perfect place to set an original centerpiece filled with candles.

The trend in this room is to place a decorative tray with various sizes of candles on the coffee table. So, play with the different sizes and shapes. Almost as if you were creating a fireplace with candles.

Candlelight in the bedroom

When it comes to intimate surroundings, our mind immediately travels to the bedroom, which is the perfect place to spend hours in refuge with a book or listening to your favorite melody.

Candles are the perfect accessory to accompany these moments of relaxation. So, you can place them on the bedside table or the dresser and easily incorporate them into your decor.

To complement the “zen” moment, you can choose to use scented candles. Thus, lavender, eucalyptus, or vanilla are the perfect aromas to warm up the environment.

Kitchen aromas

At this time of year, especially around Christmas time, we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. Either around the sweets or around those who master the art.

That’s why the kitchen is a space where you can and should also place candles for an extra touch of coziness. Use candle holders to incorporate this element into your kitchen. Here, you can use candles with typical seasonal aromas such as the irresistible combination of apple pie, cinnamon, gingerbread cookies, or the traditional citrus aroma.

Remember that candles should not be left unattended and should be away from children and pets. So, as an alternative, you can use LED candles that work beautifully anywhere in the house and are environmentally friendly.

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