How to decorate your balcony or terrace

How to decorate your balcony or terrace  


It is impossible to deny the importance of outdoor spaces in our homes. Especially in the last year, when the world was confined to their homes, balconies have become extensions of living rooms and given new lives.

However, even at a time when normality is approaching, you can continue to make use of your balcony or terrace to relax after a stressful day. You can read a book, have a meal and have a glass of wine.

Today we leave you with some suggestions on how you can decorate your balcony or terrace to make the most of your space.


Create an urban jungle

If you live in a building, filling your balcony with plants will bring you back to nature. Both on a balcony and on a terrace it is possible to make your garden of aromatic herbs, being possible to grow several species if you have a good exposure to the sun.

Fill your balcony with decorative pots with ornamental plants and use glass jars to decorate with small plants. When they grow tall enough, they will still give you some privacy from your neighbors.


Furniture on the terrace/balcony

Bet on quality outdoor furniture, with specific treatment that allows it to last a long time. Give preference to comfortable furniture, such as sofas and ottomans. If you have a terrace, build several seating areas with side tables.

Favor natural materials such as wicker, wood, straw and synthetic fibers, as they are more resistant to the weather. Another option is waterproof furniture.


Reuse raw materials

Reuse everyday materials and objects such as pallets to make benches, tables, flower boxes and even shelves. Another suggestion is to use glass pots to create terrariums and beautify your outdoor space. You can also place rugs that you no longer want to use at home on the balcony or terrace to create a more cozy atmosphere.


Decorate to be comfortable and not just pretty

Our most important tip is to decorate your outdoor area in order to spend your time there. It’s no use having a beautiful terrace that is not functional and is not compatible with your lifestyle. Include pillows and create reading corners so you really feel like spending time on your balcony or terrace..

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