How to create a small yard on your terrace?

How to create a small yard on your terrace?  


Having a backyard can be the best decision you have ever made for your home. In addition to being an outdoor space, it is also a very useful space, which you can explore in many different ways.

A good option is to create a small yard. A backyard can provide you with a green relaxation area, a place to express your passion for flowers or even a small garden! You can plant parsley, carrots, cabbage, etc.

Start by choosing the place where you want to make your yard. Consider whether you want to combine this space with a leisure area. Additionally, take into account the sun exposure: if you want to use the yard for plants or other plantation, a location with good sun exposure will be ideal.

Try combinations and get inspired by exotic backyards. Mixing stones with a green space is a great option. If you want to cover your entire space with a green area or with stones, choose wood or large, smooth stones to create a path along your yard. You can also add a small fountain to give it a more relaxing look.

Above all, be creative, and maintain this space to preserve its beauty and, if you have chosen to venture into a small garden, for the proper treatment of food.

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