How to create a luxurious decor without going over budget

How to create a luxurious decor without going over budget  


Luxury is usually associated with good taste and a high-class lifestyle. As such, it is usual to think that it is necessary to spend a fortune to have a luxurious atmosphere at home as we see in hotels and decor magazines.

However, this assumption is not necessarily true. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a chic, beautiful house with luxurious elements that add class to your space.

Today we leave you some tips from interior designers so that you can create elegant and cozy spaces without exceeding your budget.


Space organization

First, the available space must be taken into account. Luxury revolves around the distribution of space. It is not by chance that we always associate luxurious decorations with large and spacious rooms, with several different spaces within the same 4 walls. If you have very small rooms you should consider, if possible, eliminating walls and transforming them into larger spaces.

High ceilings also give an illusion of width, so you can take advantage of this feature.



The walls should preferably be clear to increase the light and dimension of the space, allowing to experiment with textures and other sophisticated elements. You can use wallpapers to create those textures. You should avoid using paintings and canvas that you find in large commercial areas. The quality of the printing and the “tasteless” themes can make the decoration artificial and in bad taste.


Points of light and shadow

The creation of contrasts of light and shadows results in very sophisticated environments. There are several lighting elements that you can include, for example custom lamps or with touches of originality.



Luxury homes usually have a lot of carpentry work involved. A more affordable tip is to buy multiple shelves at stores like IKEA, and fill one of the walls in your room with floor-to-ceiling shelves.


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