How to create a home office

How to create a home office  


This year, as never before, the term “remote working” has gained meaning in the lives of many people. A large percentage of Portuguese experienced working for home for the first time and felt the difficulties of adapting their space to the new work routine without any preparation. The vast majority of people were forced to improvise, creating work spaces at home even when there was no previous office.


Today we leave you some tips on how to create an efficient and comfortable work area at home.


Choosing the ideal space

The first piece of advice that we emphasize is the need to separate leisure and work space, creating a contrast between personal and professional life. Thus, you should select a space in your home intended only for work. It does not necessarily have to be an entire room, it can even be a small corner of a guest room or living room.


Light and Ventilation

When choosing your workspace, you should take into account some factors such as the brightness and ventilation of the space. Natural light is extremely important for productivity. Windowless spaces should be excluded unless there is no alternative. Privilege spaces next to windows, where you can receive sunlight and ventilate the space properly.


The ideal table and chair

Assuming that most people work with computers, it is important to choose a table with the ideal height and a comfortable chair. Make a mistake if you think a dining table serves perfectly as a desk. The heights are completely different, so the ideal is to purchase a specific desk for your home office. If you do not have that opportunity, you can adjust the height of your seat with a cushion.


Colors matter

Colors have an influence on our mood and, of course, on our productivity. Bet in light colors for your workplace as they will give you a feeling of spaciousness and tranquility. Stay away from the darker tones, as they become tiring for the eyes after many hours of work.


Finally, choose a space that makes you feel good, comfortable and focused. Too many decorative elements can distract you, but a too bare and impersonal space can affect your productivity. Think about your ideal office and try to replicate it at home.


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