How to adapt your apartment to young children?

How to adapt your apartment to young children?  


Awaiting the arrival of a new family member? Do you have children at home and want to make your home as safe as possible for your children? This article is for you. Today, we give you some essential tips on the changes that you must take into account for your home to become a suitable place for the presence of young children.

For starters, especially if you live on a high floor of the building, the windows and balconies can be dangerous for the curious spirit of your toddler or child. We advise the use of safety nets on windows or devices that block the possibility of opening windows. This will prevent accidents but will never dispense with constant vigilance for children who, as we know, have a special aptitude for finding alternative paths.

Match your child’s bedroom furniture to their size. Choose furniture that is accessible to them, such as low desks, for example. Also, we recommend fixing the furniture to the walls, preventing them from turning when the little ones hang.

In the remaining rooms of the house, prefer multifunctional furniture, where you can easily store toys scattered around the house. If your furniture and mirrors do not have rounded corners, put on rubber guards.

Make sure your children have a spacious room where they can play and be comfortable, with ottomans, comfortable rugs, etc.

Finally, in easily damp spaces, such as the bathroom, opt for non-slip floors, in order to prevent them from slipping.

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