How to adapt your apartment to pets?

How to adapt your apartment to pets?  


A lot of families have pets who they consider one more member of the household, from cats, dogs, birds, among others. To live with a pet and maintain the comfort of all the family members, including the animals, can be a complex task but not impossible. According to the specific characteristics of each animal, there are some necessary changes to do at your home.

Your animal’s three basis activities to keep in mind for the suitability of your house’s spaces are hygiene, supply and leisure. It is clear that if you keep a small animal that is limited to a proper space, like a fish or a turtle, it will be much easier to manage your environment and there will be no room for big adaptations to your home. However, if you keep cats or dogs the situation changes, since they will need space to play and to do their physiological needs.

Starting with your animal’s hygiene, if you have or have the possibility to acquire an apartment with a terrace, you can utilize that area to place a space with earth so that your animal can freely circulate outdoors and play. If you have a cat, for example, the best option is to cover and camouflage the sanitary boxes and place them in an airy and poorly attended place. To walk the dogs frequently so they can learn to do their physiological needs outside of the house is essential.

In terms of leisure, there is an adapted mobility so the animals can climb. Play and run without damaging the furniture of the house. Other solutions include furniture for animals similar to the human furniture, where cats and dogs can rest as if they were in a real house, for example.

You should in addition have into consideration the type of floor of your house, so, for example, the dogs don’t slip by running, as well as having toys spread around the house so your furry friends don’t need to turn to your sofas, curtains and shelves for their leisure activities.

Finally, in terms of the place of the food, there are a lot of options you can choose to combine with the decoration of your house with the due weight so it isn’t easily moved, running the risk of spreading the food or the water on the floor. The bag of food of your animal should be well closed and stored in a fresh place, so the food doesn’t spoil.

Having a pet can bring entertainment to your days, but it involves logistics sometimes far from easy. Apply our advices and enjoy your house to the maximum with your furry friend.

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