Fun activities to do at home with the family

Fun activities to do at home with the family  


As the end of August approaches, the promise of hot summer days begins to fade. With the cold days approaching – especially this year, when the fear of the second wave of Covid-19 in Portugal is very present – the prospect of spending more time at home can be daunting for many families.

In this article, we leave you with some suggestions for different activities to do as a family, especially for those with young children.



There are thousands of videos on youtube with suggestions for fun activities to do with the family. From paintings to collages, drawings, slime, piggy banks and construction of cars and spaceships in cardboard … the options are numerous. Always keep a box with various materials at home, such as cardstocks, scissors, paint pens and various textures and go on proposing different activities to your children.



Children love to help in the kitchen. When they are offered something fun and out of the ordinary, youngsters tend to be very interested. Try new recipes with your kids or suggest a different breakfast by cooking colourful pancakes. Bread and cakes are also an excellent way to show the younger ones the work involved in their snacks.


Organize a photo album

Take the time at home as a family to show your old photos to your children and organize your albums. Also start organizing the children’s albums and let them participate in the photo selection process. You can choose digital albums, but a physical album will always be an excellent gift to offer your children years later.


Board games championships

We all have board games at home or at least a deck of cards. If not, invest in two or three good board games that will last you a lifetime and entertain the whole family with championships of Monopoly, Cluedo, etc.


Our homes are the space where we spend the most time and where we feel most comfortable, where we gather the family and make the most memories. Create memories in your home with the activities we suggest.


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