Fun activities for kids in Matosinhos

Fun activities for kids in Matosinhos  


Matosinhos is known for being a fishing and beach town. However, there are plenty of activities in this city by the sea in Portugal, especially for the little ones.

We leave you with some of the best activities to do with children in Matosinhos.


Parque da Cidade

Extending over 83 hectares, Parque da Cidade was created by landscape architect Sidónio Pardal and is considered the largest urban park in the country, with about 10 km of paths. Known for its calm environment, it is one of the best places to let children run and play freely surrounded by fresh air.


Lego Factory

Lego Fun Factory, located inside Mar Shopping, is definitely one of the most fun places to take children. It is free, there will be no cost to let your child have fun and develop its imagination.


Sea Life

Sea Life Porto is an oceanarium with more than 3000 wonderful marine species. Here, children can experience walking underwater through the country’s first underwater tunnel, taking quizzes on the seabed and feeding sea turtles.


Castelo do Queijo

The Fort of São Francisco Xavier do Queijo, known as Castelo do Queijo, used to be a defensive wall against pirates and invaders in the north of Portugal. Today, it has become a place where children and adults can learn more about Portugal’s history!


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