Five tips to keep your closet organized

Five tips to keep your closet organized


Keeping your closet tidy can be a challenge. Whether it’s the kids’ or adults’ wardrobes, we know that the game of putting all the garments in a wardrobe is not always easy. The truth is that a closet can become cluttered in the blink of an eye and the idea of wasting hours organizing it can be daunting. But we have the solution to that challenge.

Today we bring you five tips to make the most of the space in your wardrobe and keep everything in order:


– Start by sorting through the clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit you. This is perhaps the most boring moment of the task since you will have to make big decisions, but remember that in your wardrobe they occupy space and can be useful to someone else. Take the opportunity to donate your separate pieces of clothing.


– Define spaces for different types of clothes. In this way, it will be easier to put the items back in the same place. Besides, it will be a benefit when choosing what to wear as it will make your choice easier.


– Try using the same hangers for all your clothes. With this technique, you can create visual harmony in your wardrobe. You can also try using appropriate hangers for each type of item, for example, specific hangers for trousers or dresses.


– Use identification labels on drawers and shelves. This way, you don’t need to open all the compartments in your wardrobe. Each item will always have its place.


– Keep clothes evenly folded to save space in drawers or on shelves. By adopting a method of folding clothes, you will be able to gain room in your drawers or shelves.


With these small tips, keeping your wardrobe tidy will no longer be a tedious and complicated task.

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