Factors to consider when choosing a new home

Factors to consider when choosing a new home 


With the beginning of a new year, it is common to set goals about future achievements. For many people, purchasing a property is a top priority. The real estate landscape in Portugal is going through a period of great demand and as such, it may be the perfect time for many to start a new stage in their life with the purchase of a new home.

A new home represents renewal and the beginning of a cycle. Being of utmost importance, there are some key factors to consider when choosing a home property.

Location. Location is a very important factor. Good quality of life for some means being in the city centre, for others in the immediate vicinity, with good accessibility. A property surrounded by basic day-to-day services and good accessibility options will always be an advantageous option.

Security. In terms of security, we can distinguish two factors: the area where the property is located and also the security conditions of the property itself. Search for properties in well-lit areas, preferably with private parking and that gives you a sense of security in everyday life.

Finishes. The importance of finishes is not limited to the aesthetic aspect. Finishes are also important for the maintenance and durability of the property and for the energy management of the house.

Energy efficiency. When buying a house, it is mandatory for the seller to provide you with the energy certificate of the property. This document is an indicator of how much energy you will use in your home to provide you with an acceptable level of comfort.

Mouzinho de Albuquerque Building apartments have features that make them great options to become your new home. Adding to the fact that they are very well located, have luxury finishes and excellent access, you can still benefit from exclusive conditions at Laskasas.

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