Enjoy the Matosinhos Libraries

Enjoy the Matosinhos Libraries  


Due to the pandemic, the municipal libraries of Matosinhos was closed for a few months. However, regular readers continued to show an interest in using library services. Thus, the libraries of Matosinhos provided a book delivery service at home, upon request through the Affluences application, which is available on the website of the city council of Matosinhos.

In the meantime, you can also pay a visit to the county’s libraries as they opened last March 15th.

For each of these libraries, you can ask for a place reservation and you can also request a book and ask to be delivered to your home.


What are the municipal libraries of Matosinhos?

There are two large libraries in Matosinhos, the Municipal Library Florbela Espanca and the Library of S. Mamede de Infesta.


The municipal library Florbela Espanca, located at Rua Alfredo Cunha in Matosinhos, has the Portuguese poet as its origin, and was designed by the architect Alcino Soutinho. It was created in 1987 by the then IPLL (Portuguese Institute of Books and Reading), today called DGLB (General Directorate of Books and Libraries). Currently, within one of the most beautiful buildings in the greater Porto region, there are about 90,000 works and documents available for public consultation. These range from classical literature to scientific literature, including children’s literature. In addition to literary works, you can also consult different types of audiovisual documents. Within this library, you can also find a space dedicated to internet access.


The S. Mamede de Infesta library, located at Praça da Cidadania, in Matosinhos, is part of the Youth House of S. Mamede de Infesta, installed in the New Centrality Building. Created to respond to the challenges of the local community, this house aims to provide young people with a place for learning, training, animation and access to new technologies. Within the library, young people will have access not only to new technologies and all kinds of information, but they will also have technicians available to help at any time.


Both libraries are essential for the population of the municipality of Matosinhos, providing calm and peaceful spaces where everyone can relax, work with serenity and find any type of information they want.

The inhabitants of the Mouzinho de Albuquerque building can take advantage of these services, given the excellent location of the development. If you still haven’t found the home of your dreams, contact us!

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