Discover urban art in Matosinhos

Discover urban art in Matosinhos  


In recent years, Matosinhos has promoted several artistic initiatives that give “voice” to street art, demonstrating that it is an open and modern city. For a long time, street art has been associated with delinquency and the destruction of facades and walls.

However, nowadays it is finally valued and seen as a new and original form of artistic expression. Today several urban art projects integrate the city walls, with the authorship of national and international artists. In this article, you will get to know the most popular works of urban art in Matosinhos.


Lionesa’s Wall

The Lionesa Mural project in Leça do Balio is the result of a partnership between Super Bock and the Municipality of Matosinhos. 10 artists or artistic collectives participated in what is one of the largest street art murals in Europe, with 1400 square meters. The concept of the collective work is a reflection on the city of Matosinhos and its people, from life linked to the sea and fishing, to the canning industry and religious traditions.


Super Bock Wall

The mural created on one of the exterior façades of the automatic warehouse of the Super Bock Group (SBG), in Leça do Balio, is one of the largest works of urban art worldwide. The Super Bock mural is 3000 square meters and took 17 days to complete, under the authorship of the Portuguese artist Vhils and the Spanish duo PichiAvo. 20 artists from Oporto joined the initiative and completed the intervention that combines the brewing heritage with Greek mythology. 4 thousand liters of ink were used..


Sunset Wishes by PARIZ ONE

Sunset Wishes by French artist PARIZ ONE is located in the heart of Matosinhos. The work combines elements of the oldschool New York style and the European new school, being a clear representation of the “New Old School Style” style that characterizes PARIZ ONE. As the name suggests, Sunset Wishes represents a sunset in Matosinhos, over the sea water.


Work by ARM COLLECTIVE in the neighborhood of Biquinha

ARM Collective was born in 2005 from the collaboration of artists Miguel Caeiro, stage name RAM and Gonçalo Ribeiro, stage name MAR. In the untitled work located in the Biquinha neighborhood, an enigmatic figure, tall and slim, can be seen. The entity is curved, with its feet in the water and diffuse shapes drawn inside. An anchor can be seen on the forehead of this mysterious being and a paper boat in its heart. To complete the allusions to the sea, four orange fish with a tail and a pink fin appear in the work. Another beautiful tribute to the city of Matosinhos.


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