Decoration: bringing Autumn into your home

Decoration: bringing Autumn into your home  


Colder days are coming and with them the desire to spend more time at the comfort of our homes. For many, it is time to clean ashes from the fireplace and drink some tea while watching a movie. However, Autumn does not only have to change our habits, but also our home. Today, we show you how you can adapt your home to Autumn decor trends, combining style and comfort.


Bet on Autumn colors

Autumn tones are characterized by being warmer and earthy, referring more to nature colors, dry leaves and the rainiest days. Bet on brownish, terracotta, dark green and gray tones in various elements of your home, whether in more definitive solutions such as changing the colors of the walls, or temporary solutions in specific elements.


Cozy rugs

Carpets are essential in any home. They bring comfort and help with temperature regulation and soundproofing. However, Summer and fur rugs do not always match, the lighter materials and the lighter colors being privileged. In Autumn and Winter you can opt for heavier carpets and earthy colors, in order to create a more welcoming environment. Invest in quality rugs, that do not shed and can be washed.


Warm textiles

Cooler weather is the perfect time to remove blankets, cushions and thicker sheets from the cabinets. Blankets and pillows not only provide comfort, they are also key elements in your home decor. Bet on the warmest blankets, with fur or wool and you will see that the environment will immediately become more welcoming.

Also invest in bedding suitable for the time of year. One of the big trends this year is overlaps. Mix unlikely materials in your bed



Patterns are another major trend this year. They were also high in the hot months, but in the form of floral patterns of bright and light colors. Now, flower patterns should be replaced by geometric patterns with stronger colors. You can insert them in wallpapers, pillows and notes in the decoration.


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