Decorating with mirrors: learn how to take advantage of your home’s rooms

Decorating with mirrors: learn how to take advantage of your home’s rooms  


Mirrors are common decoration elements. However, not everyone knows how to use these shiny surfaces to their advantage, making some mistakes. Whether to “increase” spaces, make a room brighter or just to decorate, mirrors are always a good option for that corner of your home that is dull.

Today, we discuss the power of decorative mirrors and how you can incorporate them in your home in an advantageous way.

The first major reason for using mirrors is that they give the illusion of increasing spaces. A trick often used in small rooms is to place large mirrored surfaces, immediately increasing the visual space. Of course, mirrors do not increase divisions, but they change the perception of space. When combined with light colors, such as white, they are the perfect combination to make a room more airy..

Mirrors are also welcome in larger rooms, as they reflect light and bring more light to the surroundings.

This is exactly the second most invoked reason for using mirrors in the decoration: the fact that they reflect the light and illuminate the rooms. You can bet on a single large mirror or a composition with several smaller ones or with different formats.

Our last suggestion is to incorporate the mirrors in the furniture, for example in the doors of a sideboard. A mirrored, smooth and shiny surface brings sophistication to any space.

Try it without fear and play with mirrors in your home. You will see that you do not regret it!


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